Giving you the tools productise or analyse your data

Smart Data Solutions Roki Insights

Benefit from unrivalled data management skills and knowledge. Select your data sources and allow us to collate, map and manage the data providing structured data for internal use or to provide products and services to your customers driven from high quality data

Raw Data sourced

Pulling data from any source, platform or tool


Turing that data into a meaningful source of truth.  Cleansing, mapping and ensuring that automation for future simplicity is built into the process


Building a series of smart data services driven from data targets to present you with opportunities to use this data in innovative ways


Distributing the data in any format to any location and at any frequency

Some examples of  how we work with customers to make their data work for them

  • Monetise the data your business collates and offer data driven services for your customer

  • Provide rich dashboards from multiple data sources giving you access to real time KPI’s and data to help your business perform

  • Improve data driven decisions

  • Use your data to provide better insights

  • Improve customer engagement

  • Provide high quality data to any downstream system

  • Display accurate product information across online sales channels

  • Provide accurate inventory data

  • Combine consumer, competitor and internal data to benchmark performance across any vertical

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