Channel management

From manufacturer advertising to retailer data feeds.

Multi Channel Marketing Roki Insights

We focus on the management and distribution of your product data into your core marketing channels.  The highest quality data driving improved sales.

Multi Channel Marketing Roki Insights

Raw Product data

We collect the data from: Scanning, APIs, feeds, web platforms

Multi Channel Marketing Roki Insights

Data management portal

Our data experts manage and optimise data for distribution

Multi Channel Marketing Roki Insights

Partner integrations

Building bespoke integrations and meeting custom feed and analytics specifications

Your data, wherever you need it.

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Why choose us?

Class leading scanning technology

We have unrivalled capabilities to help your business succeed.

Structured data

The secret to success is to ensure your data is structured and ready for distribution, this cannot be overlooked.

Multi channel

If theres a channel we don’t power data into currently, we can have you live in a matter of days.


Our reporting is customisable but includes daily quality assurance reports to product performance per channel.

24/7 Support

As standard! Our team are on hand 24/7 to support your marketing needs.


We are proud have some of the brightest brains in the business to support your needs.

Interested? Let's start with a free data audit!

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