Reliable SERP data across all channels

The most accurate and effective solution for SERP data

Introducing Serper

Our market leading solution that allows our customers to accurately understand how the are performing in Google search across all channels.  Quick and reliable with 99% data accuracy and the capability to schedule and deliver over 20,000 search results per hour. 

Powerful Google data

Understanding Google placement is key to managing PPC spend, and ensuring your performance against a competitor.  You provide the key word or search terms, confirm the frequency you’d like us to check and our platform will provide you with real time data. 

Whether you are tracking a specific PPC camping or trying to understand how you can improve your performance our platform is key to delivering results you can trust.

Understanding where you rank

Quickly understand how you are performing in the Google landscape, across any domain or channel. Business Critical service for a multi channel business.

Global Reach

  • Pull your PLA data real time from any domain and google shopping.

Any device

  • Understand how you perform across desktop, mobile and tablet.


  • Our solution is fully automated and we can pull back results 24/7 with no down time.

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How our customers typically engage.


"Tracking my performance"

  • Define 15 key words or search terms
  • A UK customer so only interested in ranking performance on
  • Serper solution configured to run automated searches every 3 hours over a
  • 24 hour hour period
  • Data presented to customers in both dashboard and raw data format, tracking
  • historical performance of key words

Media Agency

"Utilising Serper to white-label a value add service for our customers"

  • Customer want to run large PPC campaigns
  • Real time tracking and performance data 24/7
  • Hourly schedule
  • Customers want to see global domains
  • Customers want to see image placement data
  • Provide data via an integration point into existing data platform
  • Up to 17k key words or search terms to be returned per hour
  • Provide 24/7 support and 95% data accuracy at scale
  • Market leading SLA's to support global solution

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