Reliable SERP data across all channels

The most accurate and effective solution for SERP data

Google Ranking Roki Insights
Google Ranking Roki Insights

Introducing Serperlative.

Our market leading solution that allows our customers to accurately understand how the are performing in Google search across all channels.  Quick and reliable with 99% data accuracy and the capability to schedule and deliver over 20,000 search results per hour. 

24/7 availability

The capability to power your search around the clock

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Retrieve data from any channel or device seamlessly

White Label

Use our enterprise service to offer placement services to your customers

Scale as you need

From 1 key word a day to 20k keywords an hour we have a solution that will scale as your business needs.  Our solution is perfect for agencies or customers who need to track accurate and reliable ranking data from Google.
All delivered to you with the minimum of fuss

Understanding where you rank

Google Ranking Roki Insights
Multi Channel
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Shopping
  • Global Domains
  • Up to 15k key words
  • 24/7 365 service
  • Hourly, daily or weekly
Unrivalled partnership
  • Reporting
  • Account management
  • Consultancy
  • 24/7 technical support

Quickly understand how you are performing in the Google landscape, across any domain or channel.  Business Critical service for a multi channel business. 

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How our customers typically engage.


“Tracking my performance”

  • Define 15 key words or search terms
  • A UK customer so only interested in ranking performance on
  • ROKi Insights solution configured to run automated searches every 3 hours over a 24 hour hour period
  • Data presented to customers in both dashboard and raw data format, tracking historical performance of key words

Media Agency

“Utilising ROKi Insights technology to provide value add service for our customers”

  • We have 100 UK customers and 70 US customers
  • Our customers ask us to track their SERP performance for campaigns or part of a routine schedule
  • We need to see tablet, mobile, desktop data across both .com and .uk
  • Include image placement data
  • We provide the search terms/key words and desired frequency to ROKi
  • ROKi will execute up to 2000 keyword searches every hour for us
  • Provide data via an integration point into existing data platform
  • Provide 24/7 support and 95% data accuracy at scale
  • Market leading SLA’s to support global solution

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