Market & competitor analytics

Equipping you with the data and insights you need to get one step ahead.

Our marketing leading capability and our works class data analytics team give you the capability to ask questions of your own and and your competitors data in a way that ensures you stay ahead of the curve and competition.  From ensuring you manage advertising spend better to diving into the data you already have to understand trends and gain insights that help you shape your strategies.


Know the landscape

Remain one step ahead and remain there with real time insights.

Respond to change

Respond to turbulent markets and pricing and understand how your competitors behaviour.

Understand trends

Key insights to help you understand trends ajd build solid strategies. 

Remove the chaos

Make data driven decisions that work for your business rather than the chaos of catching up.

Data Consultancy

From internal data audits, to scoping a competitive analysis landscape  through to embedded data insights teams. We are able to provide resources and experience that will bridge any internal capability gap.

our ethos is to provide you with the tools to maintain the data picture you need to allow you to determine strategies, respond to trends and ultimately remain competitive and ahead of your competition.

Tailored professional service

  • We provide our customers with a range of tailored services that are all fully managed removing the pressure from your internal teams and allowing you to focus on building data solutions that scale and respond as your business demands.

Your data, our universe

Our tools allow customers to extract data from any source and with the capability to enrich, transform and present power data insights.

Taking data from any source

  • We have the ability and tools to pull data from any source, from web scraping to API or files that need normalising, mapping and transforming.

Actionable insight

  • Removing the need to drill into data we work with our customers to provide meaningful insights that can be applied to their business.

Tailored Services

  • We build data solutions for our customers that provide the highest level of quality with the best in class service and support.

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Real wold use cases


Timely and comprehensive competitor insight

  • Define your competitive set
  • Daily or hourly extractions
  • Products mapped across retailer for true comparison
  • Raw data extraction or integrate with an existing dashboard
  • Set your thresholds for real-time alerts
  • Build your own bespoke reporting


Working with leading brands and applying user automation to gain price parity and improve conversion

  • Automation of key user journeys on competitor sites
  • Provide pricing data in multi currency
  • Calculate any local, country or state tax
  • Power realtime onsite price comparison
  • Dynamically change onsite pricing to match or better competitors
  • Ensure pricing parity across any number of OTA's


Providing real time quote automation to help our customers stay ahead of the competition

  • Define key persona and use cases
  • Build automation of key customer journeys
  • Provide daily analysis of key competitors pricing for each persona
  • Daily, weekly and monthly trend reporting
  • Expansion of automation to cover any target competitor

Getting smart with data

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