Market & competitor analytics

Equipping you with the data and insights you need to get one step ahead.

Market & competitor analytics Roki Insights

Our market insights technology benchmarks your brand and products by covering product price, product content and your online positioning as well as considering promotions and bundles.

Competitor analysis

Set your competitive set and KPI’s, let us monitor your competitors daily, alerting you when thresholds are breeched. Monitor availability, pricing promotions and more.

Market analysis

Outside factors can affect your ecommerce performance, set your industry specific variables such as local news or weather, new product releases or even trending topics.

Semantic analysis

Consumer feedback plays a huge part in conversion and reputation. Monitor how your customers talk about your products and brand and then categorise and score feedback/reviews.

Brand Compliance

Control your brand on 3rd party or partner websites. Ensuring the correct brand assets are being used and providing recommendations to improve content and conversion.

Data Consultancy

From discovery projects through to embedded teams. We are able to provide resources and experience that will bridge any internal capability gap.

Your data, easily understood.

Market & competitor analytics Roki Insights
Taking data from any source
  • Public web domains
  • Intranets
  • FTP’s
  • API’s
  • Web platform plug ins
We turn your data into real actionable insight
  • Plug into an existing dash board template
  • (or) Build a bespoke dashboard
Tailored professional service for each client
  • Reporting
  • Account management
  • Consultancy
  • 24/7 technical support

Quickly understand your sales activity and the factors that affected that from competitor promotions to product reviews.

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Example use cases.


Timely and comprehensive competitor insight

  • Define your competitive set
  • Daily or hourly extractions
  • Products mapped across retailer for true comparison
  • Raw data extraction or integrate with an existing dashboard
  • Set your thresholds for real-time alerts
  • Build your own bespoke reporting


Working with leading brands and applying semantic learning to drive better engagement

  • Define your reseller channels and competitors
  • Set your business parameters and KPI’s
  • Monitor your price parity and availability leakage
  • Power your pricing strategies and media spend
  • Dynamically manage your media budgets based on market conditions
  • Optimise your onsite personalisation
  • Build and easily share your own bespoke reporting


Providing real time quote automation to help our customers stay ahead of the competition

  • Define key persona and use cases
  • Build automation of key customer journeys
  • Provide daily analysis of key competitors pricing for each persona
  • Daily, weekly and monthly trend reporting
  • Expansion of automation to cover any target competitor

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